ORganics waste program


Eligible Products

Organic waste includes:

  • Any Food Item (fruit / vegetable scraps, meat/fish products, bones, pasta, bread, cereal, dairy products, egg shells, cookies, cakes, coffee filters & grinds, tea bags)
  • Some Solid Paper Products (soiled paper towels / tissues, soiled paper food packaging)

Organic Waste DOES NOT Include:

  • Waxed paper products, plastic, metal, glass, soiled diapers, soiled sanitary napkins, pet excrement or litter, styrofoam, meat tray liners or yard / garden waste

Eligible Products:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Food leftovers, plate scrapingsMeat, fish, bones
  • Dairy products, eggs, eggshells, butter
  • Bread, cereal, grains, baked goods and ingredients
  • Pasta, pizza
  • Coffee filters and grounds, tea bags
  • Nuts and shells, herbs, spices
  • Solidified grease and fats
  • Soiled paper towel and tissue
  • Used paper cups and plates
  • Waxed Cardboard Products
  • Yard Waste