Material Recovery Facility


 The Leduc & District Regional Waste Management Facility operates a Material Recovery Program that serves as a drop off point for recyclables and Household hazardous waste.  The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) - pronounced "merf" -  is an almost 15,000 square feet recycling plant and capable of processing several tonnes per year. It processes all types of recyclables and is an important part of diverting material from the landfill. 

The City owns the facility and since April 2014 SENA Waste Services has been responsible for the operations.

Recyclables include:

  1. Batteries
  2. Blue Bags
  3. E-waste - Visual Display devices including TV’s, monitors, computers and servers, laptops, notebooks and tablet computers as well as printers, copiers, scanners, faxes and stand- alone combination units up to 1000KGs
  4. Metal
  5. Paper
  6. Propane Tanks
  7. Tires
  8. Waste Oil

For information on the Household Hazardous Waste Program please click here.

The Material Recovery Facility also houses the Authority's innovative "Take it or Leave it" program. This designated area allows residents to drop off of pick up items still that can still be put to use and keep these items from being landfilled. The designated "Take it or Leave it" area is the only area of the landfill from which materials can be taken.

Scavenging in any area of the facility is strictly prohibited.