Public Drop Off

Sorting Materials at the Public Drop Off Area

As of Sept. 1, a new public drop off area is available to residents using the Leduc District and Regional Waste Management Facility. This new service will assist users in sorting their waste to recycle more and to save landfill space.  Please proceed to the Public Drop Off Area instead of the tipping face. Click here for our site map. 

In order to maximize recycling efforts, residents are asked to sort their waste into the following categories:

  1. Organics –food and yard waste – must be in compostable bags (no plastics)
  2. Wet household waste - e.g. soiled tissues, soiled food containers, diapers
  3. Dry household waste – e.g. deck material, old furniture, mattresses, broken ladders, etc.
  4. Recyclables – newspapers, tin cans, rigid plastics # 1-7, mixed paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard
  5. E-Waste and Household Hazardous Waste and Take it or Leave it – proceed inside the Material Recovery Facility. 

What are examples for each category?

Please take a look at the table below which includes examples of what items are categorized into each area: 


Household Waste (Wet) Household Waste (Dry) Recyclables
Food Waste Soiled Food Containers Construction Waste Newspaper
Yard Waste Diapers Furniture Cardboard
Soiled Tissues Soiled Styrofoam Clean Plastic Bags Tin Cans
Tea Bags Soiled Plastic Bags Broken Item (i.e.ladders) Plastic (#1-7)

Your assistance in sorting your material is greatly appreciated and will help us extend the life of our facility.