Overview of Leduc and District Regional Waste Facility


The Leduc and District Regional Waste Management Facility has been in operation since June 27, 1978. It is comprised of the member municipalities of Beaumont, Calmar, City of Leduc, Leduc County and Devon. 

Mission and Values 

The board's mission statement is 'To provide municipal solid waste disposal and services in an efficient, environmentally responsible and socially acceptable manner, for the benefit of all member muncipalities. 

Management Philosophy Statement

The Leduc and District Regional Waste Management Authority recognizes that economic, social and environmental considerations are equally important in the responsible management of waste facilities and services in our society. The Authority is committed to the concept of a sustainable future wherby meeting the needs of today's lifestyle shall in no way compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, nor will our environment debts be passed on to future generations. 

The Authority will ensure that the environmental, social and public health implications of all its' decisions, actions and policies will be considered and the resulting impacts minimized or mitigated. 

The Authority is committed to being pro-active when dealing with environmental issues and will manage its' operation in such a manner as to meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations, while maintaining due regard for economics and efficiency.