Dry Inert Industrial Waste

What is Dry Inert Industrial Waste?

Solid hard and dry inert waste is defined as waste that has negligible activity or effect on the environment. It includes earth or rock fill or waste of a similar nature that containe no putrescible material or soluble or decomposable chemical substances.



Examples include building demolition waste, glass, bricks, stone and gravel, dry timber, metals and sandblast material. If you're a abrasive sandblaster, demolition contractor, glass manufacturer or metal fabricator looking who generate any of this type of solid dry inert waste, Leduc and District Regional Waste Management Authority and its' contractor, MCL Waste System and Environmental, can easily and cost effectively place your waste for disposal at our facility. 


For more information regarding our solid and dry inert waste disposal, please contact MCL Client Services at 780-420-1507 for more information.